Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Poll, why not?

Friday Poll Timeee
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1. How has your week been so far?
-Pretty good actually! Thanks for asking ;)

2. What are you wearing on your nails right now?
-A whoooole lotta pink, as you saw from the last post ;)

3.  What do you want to be/are going to be for Halloween?
-I WANT to be a Ninja Turtle. Just don't know if I'll have the time/resources to make it happen!

4. Have you decorated your house or bedroom at all for Halloween
-Not quite yet, still unpacking boxes, hanging stuff up, and arranging furniture! I'm aiming for some fall decor...cause Halloween clearly isn't happenin in this house. Lol

5. Do you have any fun weekend plans
-Kind of! Some friends of ours are in town for the weekend so I'll hopefully meet up with them and their kiddos, and Josh is off Sunday- so we're planning on a date day of some sort 

6. Have you carved a pumpkin yet this season
-No no. I attempted that once 2 years ago..and it's very messy. Lol. I think I prefer dressing UP the pumpkin.

7. If so what design did you carve into it? If not, and plan on carving a pumpkin, what design will you cut into it?
-No carving, but maybe some decorating! I only have a baby pumpkin thus far. 

8. Has the weather finally changed into weather where you live?
- YES, as of yesterday!! Thank you, weather Gods for sending some cool weather this Florida girl's way!

9. What nail polish are you really into wearing right now
-I am loving darker pinks and glitters right now.. but that's nothing new! 

10. What nail polishes are you currently on the hunt for?
DS- Original, Color Club Boho set B, and about 100 others that are on my wish list!

Your turn!! Happy  Friday! 

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