Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Polish Stash List

For those of you who aren't into nail polish, sorry about this post. However, I've recently joined a fab little polish group that my girlfriend Whitney referred me to, and we're doing a Secret Santa Polish Exchange! For part of this, it's highly recommended to have your stash list so that your SPS knows what you already have. 

Although my list is miniscule compared to most of the girls in my group, here it is! The rapidly growing, bank account killing, pure joyfilled stash::

  • 1.     Butter London- Henley Regatta
    2.     Butter London - Big Smoke
    3.     Butter London - Knees Up
    4.     Butter London – Chancer
    5.     Butter London- Macbeth
    6.     Butter London- All Hail the Queen
    7.     Butter London- HRH
    8.     Butter London- Wallis
    9.     Butter London- Queen Vic
    10.  Butter London- West End Wonderland
    11.  Butter London- Rosie Lee
    12.  OPI- Navy Shatter
    13.  OPI- Pinking of You
    14.  OPI- DS Radiance
    15.  OPI- DS Opulence
    16.  OPI- Sparkle-icious
    17.  OPI- Strawberry Margarita
    18.  OPI- Bullish on OPI
    19.  OPI- I Lily Love You
    20.  OPI- Wocka Wocka!
    21.  OPI- Meep Meep Meep
    22.  OPI- Designer De Better
    23.  OPI- Gone Gonzo!
    24.  OPI- Excuse Moi!
    25.  OPI- Rainbow Connection
    26.  OPI- Fresh Frog of Bel Air
    27.  OPI- Animalistic
    28.  OPI- Divine Swine
    29.  OPI- Warm & Fozzie
    30.  OPI- Pepe’s Purple Passion
    31.  OPI- Gettin Miss Piggy With It
    32.  Nicole by OPI- Rich in Spirit
    33.  Nicole by OPI- Scandal, Secrets & Sparkle
    34.  China Glaze- Rainbow
    35.  China Glaze- Fiji Fling
    36.  China Glaze- Nova
    37.  China Glaze- Blue Island Iced Tea
    38.  China Glaze- For Audrey
    39.  China Glaze- For Audrey
    40.  China Glaze- Afterglow
    41.  China Glaze- Grape Pop
    42.  China Glaze- Secrets
    43.  China Glaze- Red Essence
    44.  China Glaze- Foxy
    45.  China Glaze- Spontaneous
    46.  China Glaze- Black Mesh (Crackle)
    47.  China Glaze- Tarnished Gold (Crackle)
    48.  China Glaze- Oxidized Aqua (Crackle)
    49.  China Glaze- Haute Metel (Crackle)
    50.  China Glaze- Sexy Lady
    51.  China Glaze- Cariabbean Blue
    52.  China Glaze- Hey Doll
    53.  China Glaze- Midnight Mission
    54.  China Glaze- Classic Camel
    55.  China Glaze- Turned up Torquoise
    56.  China Glaze- In Awe of Amber
    57.  China Glaze- Solar Power
    58.  China Glaze- It’s Alive
    59.  China Glaze- Cross Iron 360
    60.  China Glaze- Ghoulish Glow
    61.  China Glaze- Blue Years Eve
    62.  China Glaze- Snow Globe
    63.  China Glaze- Skyscraper
    64.  China Glaze- Haunting
    65.  China Glaze- Poinsetta
    66.  China Glaze- Twinkle Lights
    67.  China Glaze- Holly-Day
    68.  Orly- Lola
    69.  Orly- Fowl Play
    70.  Orly- Lucky Duck
    71.  Orly- Sweet Peacock
    72.  Orly- Goth
    73.  Orly- Truly Tangerine
    74.  Orly- Luxe
    75.  Orly- Bonder
    76.  Orly- Rock the World
    77.  Orly- Rock-It
    78.  Orly- Rococo A-Go-Go
    79.  Orly- Stone Cold
    80.  Orly- Emberstone
    81.  Essie- Cute as a Button
    82.  Essie- Barbados Blue
    83.  Essie- Bangle Jangle
    84.  Essie- No Pre-Nup
    85.  Essie- Midnight Cami
    86.  Essie- School of Hard Rocks
    87.  Kleancolor- Chunky Holo Scarlet
    88.  Kleancolor- Chunky Holo Fuschia
    89.  Kleancolor- Chunky Holo Black
    90.  Kleancolor- Chunky Holo Purple
    91.  Kleancolor- Chunky Holo Poppy
    92.  Kleancolor- Chunky Holo Candy
    93.  Kleancolor- Chunky Holo Bluebell
    94.  Kleancolor- Diamond Fuschia
    95.  Kleancolor- Starry Purple
    96.  Kleancolor- Sea Ice
    97.  Kleancolor- Cobalt
    98.  Kleancolor- Pastel Purple
    99.  Color Club- Pink Thong
    100.                 Color Club- Perfect Mol-ten
    101.                 Color Club- Antiquated
    102.                 Color Club- Cold Metal
    103.                 Color Club- Foil Me Once
    104.                 Color Club- Lumin-Icecent
    105.                 Color Club- Top Coat
    106.                 Color Club- Top Coat
    107.                 Color Club- Top Coat
    108.                 Color Club- Beyond the Mistletoe
    109.                 Color Club- Holiday Splendor
    110.                 Color Club- Sugarplum Fairy
    111.                 Color Club- Ginger Bread
    112.                 Color Club- Candy Cane
    113.                 Color Club- Jingle Jangle
    114.                 Color Club- Nomadic in Nude
    115.                 Color Club- Earthy Angel
    116.                 Color Club- New Bohemian
    117.                 Color Club- Shabby Drab
    118.                 Color Club- Rad Nomad
    119.                 Color Club- Red-Ical Gypsey
    120.                 Color Club- Boho Mojo
    121.                 Color Club- Nouveau Vintage
    122.                 Color Club- Voodoo You Do
    123.                 Color Club- Artsy Crafty
    124.                 Color Club- Blue Topia
    125.                 Color Club- Rebel Spirit
    126.                 Color Club- Stuck on You Basecoat
    127.                 Color Club- Almost Famous
    128.                 Color Club- Wham! Pow!
    129.                 Color Club- Poptastic
    130.                 Color Club- Warhol
    131.                 Color Club- Pucci-Licious
    132.                 Color Club- Twiggie
    133.                 Color Club- Chelsea Girl
    134.                 Color Club- Wicket Sweet mini
    135.                 Color Club- Get Your Lem-On mini
    136.                 Color Club- Yum Gum mini
    137.                 Barielle- Wool you marry me?
    138.                 Barielle- Cowl of the Wild
    139.                 Ulta- Angel Baby
    140.                 Ulta- Sun-sational
    141.                 Ulta- Limelight
    142.                 Ulta- Baby Doll
    143.                 Ulta- Green with Envy
    144.                 Ulta- Purple Haze
    145.                 Ulta- Pink Slip
    146.                 Ulta- Pinata-Yada-Yada
    147.                 Ulta- Clear/Top Coat
    148.                 Sally Hansen HD- Three-D
    149.                 Sally Hansen HD- Pixel Pretty
    150.                 Sally Hansen HD- Hi-Def
    151.                 Sally Hansen HD- Lite
    152.                 Sally Hansen Xtreme- Celeb City
    153.                 Sally Hansen Xtreme - Mint Sorbet
    154.                 Sally Hansen Xtreme - Deep Blue Sea
    155.                 Sally Hansen Xtreme - Midnight Sky
    156.                 Sally Hansen Xtreme - Time to Shine
    157.                 Sally Hansen Crackle- Cherry Smash
    158.                 Sally Hansen Nail art pen- Neon Pink
    159.                 Sally Hansen Nail art pen- Turquoise Chrome
    160.                 Sally Hansen Nail art pen- Fuschia Chrome
    161.                 LA Colors Nail art pen- White
    162.                 LA Colors Nail art pen- Metallic Pink
    163.                 LA Colors Nail art pen- Purple/Blue Glitter
    164.                 LA Colors Nail art pen- Blue Glitter
    165.                 LA Colors Nail art pen- Gold Glitter
    166.                 LA Colors Nail art pen- Black
    167.                 LA Colors Nail art pen- Teal Glitter
    168.                 LA Colors Nail art pen- Intense Pink
    169.                 Rimmel- Pulsating
    170.                 Sinful Colors- Rise and Shine
    171.                 Sinful Colors- Frenzy
    172.                 Sinful Colors- Hottie
    173.                 Sinful Colors- Oh lala
    174.                 Sinful Colors- Black on Black
    175.                 Sinful Colors- Forget Now
    176.                 Sinful Colors- Tapping Nails
    177.                 Sinful Colors- Purple Diamond
    178.                 Sinful Colors- Cream Pink
    179.                 Sinful Colors- Pink
    180.                 Sinful Colors- Pinky Glitter
    181.                 Sinful Colors- Glass Pink
    182.                 Sinful Colors- Bali Mist
    183.                 Sinful Colors- Rich in Heart
    184.                 Sinful Colors- Love Nails
    185.                 Sinful Colors- I Love You
    186.                 Sinful Colors- Dream On
    187.                 Chi- My Little Black Book
    188.                 Chi- Sultry Nights
    189.                 Chi- Open Door Policy
    190.                 Northern Lights- Silver Holo Topcoat
    191.                 Seche Vite Top Coat
    192.                 Sally Hansen- Instant Strength
    193.                 Milani- Black Magic
    194.                 Milani- Hi Tech
    195.                 Milani- Ready to Wear Red
    196.                 Revlon- Pink Again
    197.                 Revlon- Make Mine Mango
    198.                 Wet n Wild- Blue Wants to be a Millionaire
    199.                 Wet n Wild- FuchsiaRama
    200.                 Wet n Wild- The Gold& the Beautiful
    201.                 Wet n Wild- How I Met Your Magenta
    202.                 Wet n Wild- Saved by the Blue
    203.                 Wet n Wild- Ice Queen
    204.                 Wet n Wild- Sparkled
    205.                 Wet n Wild- Kaleidoscope
    206.                 Wet n Wild- Night Prowl
    207.                 Wet n Wild- Metallica
    208.                 Wet n Wild- Morbid
    209.                 Wet n Wild- Clear Coat (2)
    210.                 Wet n Wild- Black Mail
    211.                 Wet n Wild- Bijou Blue
    212.                 Piggy Polish- Gold for it
    213.                 Piggy Polish- TomaToes
    214.                 Pure Ice- Heart Breaker
    215.                 Pure Ice- Don’t You Wish
    216.                 Hot Topic- Hot Pink
    217.                 Hot Topic- Black
    218.                 Hot Topic- Bright Orange – 2
    219.                 Hot Topic- Purple
    220.                 Hot Topic- Blue
    221.                 NYC- Black Lace
    222.                 Love my Nails- Black Rage
    223.                 Victorias Secret- Red Hot
    224.                 Victorias Secret- Ruby Slippers mini
    225.                 Femme Couture- Prince Ala Charm
    226.                 Bubble Yum- Cotton Candy

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