Sunday, November 13, 2011

Brittany gets hitched!

Hey blogger! Well, my week was pretty decent overall. I got some great news from the company I'm currently in the 'running' for with the hiring process, so please cross your fingers that the rest of it goes well. 

Also, Friday one of my close friends from college tied the knot! They had a beautiful wedding in downtown Orlando at The Mezz/The Abbey. She looked stunning and everyone had a BLAST. It was great to see everyone from college all in the same place again to celebrate such an awesome event! 

I unfortunately was too busy dancing, boozing, and laughing to take many photos. But here are just a few I snapped from my phone:

(The ceremony)

(On the building marquee)

(We like to party.)

(Every centerpiece was different. It was gorg!)

(First dance)

(Cake shooters to-go. Best wedding favor ever.)

My photos do not at all do this beautiful wedding justice. I'll try to post some more once other pictures are uploaded. 

In other news, my Jack Skellington pumpkin bit the dust a few days ago. He's been looking a little frail lately, but I waited until I absolutely had to before we tossed him. :(

(As you can see..pretty deformed and droopy.)
RIP Jack.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend! 

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