Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day Five:: Six Places 

1. First up would be my favorite place I've ever been to, which is Maggie Valley, North Carolina. My best friend Brittany's family has a beautiful home there, and I've had the pleasure of going up there on three occasions for vacations. Everything about this place is breathtaking. The homes, the mountains, the environment, the air, everything. If I moved out of Florida, it would be to North Carolina. No questions asked.
  (Us on the deck)
   (Peek a boo, we see you!)
 (Skiing = My favorite thing in the world)
 (We're ants in this pic!)

2. Second fav vacation spot for me would have to be St. Augustine, Florida. It's only an hour away from where I live- but it feels like you're in your own little world there! It has so much history and feels so cozy there. The bed&breakfast little inns are to DIE for, the bars are so quaint, the food is awesome, the downtown area is fab, its a must see for sure!
  (Our favorite inn to stay at, right on the harbour!)

3. Disney World. Enough said. We have annual passes, and use them aaaa lot. I can never get tired of the place! Not to mention, Epcot's Food&Wine Festival is pretty much the highlight of life. 
 Whitter  ) and I heart Disney ears!

 ( At Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party)
 ( Love the castle!)

4. House of Blues. I've been to hundreds of concerts, live music is my thing. But of all the many venues I've been, HOB is by far my fav. No matter where you're standing, you always have a good view at who's playing, the booze isn't too outrageous, and the atmosphere is much better than most other venues I've been to. Props, HOB.

5. The beach. Very general, I know...but I'm not picky. Take me to any beach with a cold one in hand and good friends and sunshine and I'm the happiest girl on the planet.

6. Last but not least, good ole Orlando, Florida. I moved here for college 7 years ago and never looked back. There's SO much to do, you never run out of ideas. So many memories are here, I went to college here, I met my mister and my amazing friends here, and it's home to me now. 

--I know my 'six places' wasn't all that diverse, my apologies for that. But to be honest, I love seeing new things, but at the end of the day I'm a pretty big homebody. That's just who I am! <3

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