Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day Seven - Four Books

*Day Seven :: Four Books*

I like this day :) I'm a big reader, so there's no way I can pick four favorite books. So instead, I'll pick four that I don't think have been given enough credit that anyone should read. Here goes! <3

1. All that is Sophie Kinsella. Yes, I'm cheating by naming more than one book here- but there's not a chance I could choose just one from her. I have everything she's written and they are all completely fabulous. If you're in the mood for a light, humorous, quirky, but happy ending kind of book - she's your girl. The Shopaholic series are to die for! 

2. The Accidental Billionaires - Ben Mezrich. Regardless if you're into the whole Facebook thing or not, this book is a must read. I loved the movie (The Social Network), but, I read the book after seeing it and could not put it down. 

3. Dirty Sexy Politics - Meghan McCain. This book had me laughing until I cried throughout the entire thing. The girl is funny as all get out, so much more intelligent than she's given credit for, and really gives an amazing perspective of life as a politician's daughter and life on the road.

4. Under and Alone - William Queen. I had to read this book for my Organized Crime class. So of course, any book forced upon you always begins with a not so excited attitude. However, once I got a few chapters in- I completely forgot this was a college must and began reading it out of my own interest. Queen is an ATF agent for San Fernando Valley who goes undercover and enters the Mongols gang. He completely gives up his life and transforms into his alias, Billy St. John and infiltrates this gang. He discusses his nerves going into it, his loss of identity, his self battle with having to eventually testify against these men who he actually grew to care for, and the battle he faced to find his life pre-Mongol. It really is amazing, and a must read for anyone intrigued by crime or nonfiction. 

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