Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Thrifting + new easy peasy recipe!

Hi all! Happy Tuesday!! 

Today was a fun little day in the Nalley/Boyd household. Josh was off, so we started the day off with lunch downtown at a spot I love called Cafe Annie. After that, we decided to go run some errands and look around for some things for the house..which pretty much turned into an all day affair! Although we're pretty much flat broke at the moment, we managed to bring a few little things home. (Ok, so, I did the spending..but whatevs, right?)

We found these little leopard print shades at The Will for $2.99 each! 
(And a black curtain rod still in the box for $4.99)

And this cute little hook for the guest room. This is the color palette we're using!
(Hobby Lobby- $3)

And..4 vases, 2 Petula Clark records (Love her), and that cute little elephant guy for the family room
(Salvation Army- $4.44 TOTAL!) 
I'm going to do something super cool with those vases...just not sure what yet! 

And I WANTED this for the guest room, but, my friends and Josh would not allow it. Too kiddish, they say. Sad face. (I'd be 5 forever if someone would let me)

Now that Halloween is almost over, we finally have pumpkins to play with! Haha

And perhaps the highlight of the day would be this bad boy. It's a pizza casserole recipe I found on Pinterest and it was AMAZE. Highly recommend for anyone! It was SO easy and quick!
Here's the recipe link:

Oh right, and I paired it with this ;)

That about wraps up my Tuesday!! Night everyone! 

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  1. will be trying this recipe! thanks for sharing! :)