Sunday, October 23, 2011

Meet the Dogs!!

Happy Sunday, bloggers! 

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was pretty laid back, but that's okay. 
Since this WAS a pretty uneventful weekend, I've decided to dedicate this post to my other halves/my children..aka my pups :) A few of you have asked their breeds or ages etc, so, here you go!
For those who aren't weirdo dog lovers like me, I apologize for this corny post. 
And, here we the order they came home! First up, meet..


Dakota is my first baby! He was born on February 14, 2004 and I got him as a birthday present that April. Here's us the day I picked him up at the airport:

He's a miniature American Eskimo. At first I thought I wanted a Pomeranian, so we were searching high and low for a white one. And then I came across this breed, did some research, and it was love. He's been the BEST dog anyone could ever ask for <3 He's sweet, loyal, well behaved, and such a momma's boy! 

Starfox is my mister and I's 'joint' child. His birthday is October 19, 2009 and we brought him home in February 2010. Again, I was looking for a female white Pomeranian..and saw this guy (the COMPLETE opposite of what I was looking for, of course) and fell in looove. So, I decided he must come home with us and after 10 million trips to go see him, Josh caved. Good thing he did, because now they're attached at the hip. He's a daddy's boy, but he's kind enough to demand equal attention from both of us..and anyone else who walks in the door. 

One of the many visits

The day we brought him home :)

See what I mean? Daddy's boy.

Aspen was a very sporadic addition to the family. Josh saw him on the website (the pound) and as soon as I saw his ad, I had to go visit him. At first I just wanted to give him some TLC and allow him to run around outside for a bit because they're unable to do that unless they have a 'prospect' to adopt them. But after playing and interacting with him, of course I was instantly attached. 
He's a 4 year old standard American Eskimo and was only 17lbs when I adopted him, and was missing all of his hair on his backside from flea allergies. It was you can see below.

And this is a more recent photo. After some TLC..10 more pounds and hair all grown back!

And this is the day I brought him home! (January 2011) 
Although we had a full house and this addition was a gamble, I am SO glad I did it. This dog has been absolutely incredible since day one. He was completely potty trained, is so obedient, such a momma's boy, and the most cuddly, loving, and sweetest dog in the world. It really blows my mind everyday how affectionate and amazing he is. It feels so good to know I saved this guy's life..and any other mammal additions we ever have we definitely be an adopted one!
And that's the pups! I promise I won't spam you with dog posts anymore. At least not this intense ;)

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