Thursday, August 25, 2011

10 Day *You* Challenge

Sorry I've been slacking, I've been crazy busy. But I stumbled across this 10 day challenge, and figured I'd give it a go! 

*Day One: Ten Secrets*

1. My dogs are my world. No really, they are. I know people say that- but, I'd be lost without them. Due to medical reasons, they may be the only children I will ever have- and I see them everyday as exactly that. When I'm having a terrible day, or feel like there's nothing in the world that can help what I'm going through, I just look at them.. and I smile. 

2. I started my job two weeks ago, and I'm scared I'm going to hate it. I'm working as a guest services team leader...and they've been training me at their district store instead of my own, which has been nothing short of chaotic. I only have two days of training left, and then I start at my store Sunday bright and early. I'm trying to hang in there and remain positive, I just don't know how long that will hold up if things aren't different once I'm out of training. I sure hope it gets better, because a) I can't afford to quit, and b) I turned down a strong job prospect in my field of study for this one. Commence salt in wound now.

3. A close 'friend' has really disappointed me lately. But she has made it crystal clear that she doesn't at all understand why this would be, so I don't even find it worth trying to discuss at this point. 

4. My boyfriend and I applied for a rental home yesterday. We've been house hunting for months now after making the decision to move back in together, and agreed 100000% that the only way we'd do it is to find a house. We lived together for a year in college in a tiny little apartment, and nearly killed one another and it actually resulted in a 3 month break. Not making the same mistake twice. Anyway, back on point- we've spent hours upon hours every single day searching online, refreshing realtor listings, and met with realtor after realtor to be shown house after house and have not seen one single thing in our location that we've fallen in love with. However, after going to see a house yesterday that I was pretty sure I'd love because it had a pool- and we yet again hated it, we decided to just go back to one of the first houses we saw a few weeks ago and look at it again. It was the ONLY house we both liked, and the rent went down this week. So, I'm hoping it works out. It's not something I'd want to purchase or stay in long term, but I really really like it as a starter home for us. It's a little older, but in good shape- and gives us a few fixer upper projects to work on!

5. On that note, as excited as I am to try combining households again, I'm also really nervous and sad to leave my little one bedroom condo. I moved in here last year my last semester of grad school, and it's the first time I've lived by myself. After having roommates for 6 years it was a huge change, and I hated it at first..but have grown to love it. I love coming home after a long day and feeling like I have an 'escape.' I'll miss getting to come home to my quiet little condo, but, everyone has to move on. 

6. I'm afraid I may kill Josh during football season. I don't know what it is about men and football season, but it's like a bunch of caged animals getting released into the wild for the first time. I swear. It's quite terrifying, really. And combining houses the MONTH of football season starting I feel could lead to some pretty compromising situations. I used to just evacuate the home every day Sunday and each Monday night, but with working full time I think I'm going to have to come up with a new plan. Details to come.

7. Highlight of my week thus far? Purchasing a Hello Kitty lunchbox that I HAD to have, and finding a cute dress on sale for my friend Brittany's engagement party Saturday. Nothing is more exciting to me than cute things on sale, or things typically made for 5 year olds that I must own.

8. I really miss school. I know, I know. Who SAYS that? I'm wondering the same thing. But once I got my shit together and really let myself enjoy college and everything it had to teach me, I really loved learning. Grad school was an amazing experience for me and it completely flew by. But I'd much rather be up writing a term paper right now than training for this not so thrilling job I landed, I can tell you that.

9. I cannot pick out a diamond. Josh and I have obviously been ring shopping a lot more lately, and he's been doing a lot more research and trying to get my feedback on what I like and don't like as far as engagement ring settings go. Every time I think I've fallen in love with a ring, when I go back a second time.. I don't like it anymore. What IS that? You'd think a ring would be the easiest thing in the world to pick out, because they're all so amazingly gorgeous and sparkly and breathtaking. But nope, not me. I've walked through jewelry store after jewelry store and tried hundreds on, and still can't figure out what I really, really want. I think at the end of the day, I honestly don't care. Which surprises me about myself..because I thought I of all people WOULD care. But, I'm a few rings away from throwing my hands up and saying 'Honey, you pick. I'll love whatever you decide.'
(Although, I'd certainly be happy with any of these!)

10. I miss my family. I havent seen much of them the last few months, and it's starting to sink in with all these stress and tension. I really want to move out of state, but at the end of the day- I don't think I could leave them. 
(My sister, Kendall and I!)

Well, this post turned out much longer than expected..sorry! And I have to be up in four hours, so, that's my cue. Night all! <3

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