Thursday, August 18, 2011

Did someone say bachelorette?

As some of you know, my best friend, Kelli of 10 years is getting married in a month (to a super awesome man, might I add). 

(The happy couple!)

Therefore, this weekend = her bachelorette party! This has been the one and ONLY thing getting me through this crazy first week at work. 

(Us at senior homecoming!)

Since her hubby to be and his buds are going out of town for the weekend, she decided to just keep it simple and recruit all the out of town girls to Orlando and cause some trouble in our own sweet city. 

(So excited Brittany is coming into town to attend!)
(...and yes, that's a cut out Twilight poster in the background.
And yes, we threw a Twilight dvd release party. Haha.)

So, Friday we're renting out the movie theater in her complex and just drinking some wine and watching silly girlie movies all night to fully prep for Saturday. 

(Girlie nights are the best nights!)

Saturday begins early with a day at the pool. We reserved the grill/lounge area and will be soaking up some sun, drinking lots of booze, eating some snacks, and did I mention the booze? 

(Although we may not be able to get our hands on some
moonshine shots as featured in this photo, I'm sure we
will find something else to get into)

After that, we're hopping in the cab and going to happy hour and this fancy little wine/dessert bar downtown called The Dessert Lady around 6ish. From there, the night is young and ours to conquer. It will be one crazy filled night downtown, no doubt.

(Us at a pub crawl downtown a few years ago)

So excited, and so happy for my best friend! <3 


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  1. Silly girl, Dessert Lady isn't new.
    That's where all of the Casey Anthony jurors got dessert from almost every day during the trial. Though I'm sure you heard Perry announce it 8 million times, because you watched every single day. lol!