Monday, August 29, 2011

Day Three- Eight Fears

1. The Burger King Man.
 First and foremost.. he gets slot one here. I am pettttrified of that creature, and am SO happy they retired his creepy self to the dugout where he belongs. My level of fear for him is intense..and my friends have enjoyed toying with it over the years, by doing kind things such as dressing up as him and popping out, putting in DVDs or video games of him, playing the commercials while I sleep, catch the drift. He's not my friend.

2. The following: Pit Bull, Nikki Minaj, and Little Wayne. (Or Weezie, or Weezer, or whatever he calls himself this week.)
  I don't know what is with today's 'music' industry and their extreme need to be more obnoxious and out of line than the others, but it's not cute. I miss when music actually meant something, and lyrics were actually written from a soul. Not a lad with diamonds in his teeth and swinging hair down to his exposed buttcrack slurring obscene words about things that make no sense.

3. Cockroaches.
  I shuddered just typing that. Ick ick ick. I'm not a rodent or bug (or anything unfluffy, while we're being honest) all, but- roaches are the one thing that will cause me to absolutely loseeeee it. I cry every time I see one. Yep. Commence eye rolling now..but it can't be helped.

4. Strange meats. Especially: theme park turkey legs.
  I'm no vegetarian, but, I'm pretty selective on what I'll consume as far as meat goes. Anything out of the ordinary (or some things 'in' the ordinary as well) freaks me out and I won't go near it. On that note, my number one yuck factor within this category goes out to those barbaric, large, carnivorous turkey leg things. I may be in the minority with this, but, they just completely gross me out and I want to vom every time I see someone carving down into one all caveman like. 

5.  Car accidents in movies.
  After being in a really bad accident a few years ago, I can no longer stomach any form of them in scenes of movies, shows, etc. I literally shake and get chills and feel nauseous and start having vivid flashbacks of my own. Not fun.

6. Creepy crawlies: 
  Snakes, lizards, frogs, and spiders certainly make this list. Ick ick ick.   

7. Not being able to have a family.  
  Not going into details on this quite yet.. but this is something that haunts me every day. 

8. Being cheated on.
  I'm dating one of the most faithful guys on the planet, but this has always been my one relationship fear. I dream about it constantly. Not my finest quality, but, no one's perfect.

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