Monday, October 17, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @
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Weekend Recap, you say? Why sure.

My dear friend, Whitney's fiance was out of town this weekend, so, we decided to have some girl time!

ok, so this wasn't from this weekend- but its us!

I went over there late Saturday night and we vegged out and did our norm, aka:
watched chick flicks, chatted, and drank some wine. 
The featured films were: Bridesmaids & Bride Wars. (No surprise there!)

if you haven't seen it, you're not really living.

Sunday we met our girlfriends for brunch at a cute place downtown on the lake called 310. 
And, well, brunch turned into drinking until happy hour closed, to a few rounds post happy hour, to migrating to another place downtown, to migrating again to Dirty Bingo.
Basically, brunch turned into a 12 hour Sunday Funday. No surprise here, either.
this was during intermission.

Well, as brief as it may be, that pretty much sums up the weekend in addition to the dog park that I posted Saturday night. 

Hope everyone's weekend was as fun as mine was! 

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  1. Hi Courtni! Maggie from (most) everything maggie here...I saw your comment on my blog about the Erin Condren planner, but I couldn't find your twitter handle! If you follow me, can you send me a tweet so I can follow back? Then I'll send you the code. Not sure if it still works..but it might go through the end of October! :)