Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Today's polish haul & Happy Birthdayyy Starfox!!

Well, today was a good day in Casa de Nalley/Boyd. Josh had the day off, so our mission was to make some progress in this house, since we've been slacking a bit the last week or so.
(Ok, so, by that maybe I mean I'VE been slacking. But that's neither here nor there, right?)

Anyhow, we slept in, watched two movies we Redboxed (Bad Teacher & Bridesmaids. Yes, again.), went to lunch, ran some errands, and attempted to put another dent into this neverending saga of unpacking/hanging things up! 

However, the highlight amongst all of this was it was our Papillon, Starfox's second birthday! Yay!! So while we were on the hunt for the Color Club polishes I've been looking for, we obvi had to find him a little something. So, we decided to get him a Fox toy since that's his name :) 
(Okay, and maybe because it was squeekie but didn't have stuffing inside for him to destroy within two seconds. But he doesn't have to know that, either.)

Where's the birthday boy, you ask?
(Or maybe you didn't, but just roll with it)

-Here's the birthday boy and Dakota playing with the new toy-
(Sorry for the blur, action shot and I'm no photog!)

-Posing for momma-

-Aspen's not interested if he isn't the highlight of attention-

-Daddy and Foxy cuddling after a long day-

-And last, but CERTAINLY not's haul!!!-

-I FINALLY got the Color Club sets I've been lusting over! Well, 3 of them anyway ;) -
And also some new nail art pens, and I scored those 2 Revlons at Big Lots for a whopping $2!

-Close up of Boho and Foiled sets, because they're fab. Please excuse the flash.-

-Well, that about outlines my day :) Hope everyone else had a good Wednesday as well! Tomorrow continues more work on the house, and going to a friend's birthday dinner later on. That's all for now :)

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